NPD iOS Testing Reference
You were invited to Network Privacy Defender private beta test for iOS. This software is intended to run on Corporate iOS Devices, so if your device is not supervised by your organisation, you need to supervise it by yourself.

    You will need:
    • Mac computer or virtual machine with Apple Configurator 2 from Mac App Store. This is free program.
    • Your iOS device, connected to Mac/virtual machine via USB cable.
    How to supervise your device by yourself:
    1. Connect your device to Mac via USB cable and open Apple Configurator 2.
    2. Click "Prepare"
    3. Check options as shown, click "Next"
    4. On next screen, check options as shown, click "Next"
    5. On next screen, click "Skip"
    6. On next screen, enter your name and click "Next"
    7. On next screen, check options as shown, click "Next"
    8. On next screen, check options as shown, click "Prepare"
    Computer will ask for your account password, enter it to continue.
    9. Click "Erase". Your device will be restored to default settings.
    Don't worry, you can restore your iCloud backup after device setup as usually.
    It may take some time till your device will become supervised by you. After this, you will see "Hello" screen as usually. Then, setup your device, restore backup and head over for your test adviser for installation of special profile that will help you to test AYSA software.
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