AYSA presents
Network Privacy Defender
App that really helps Enterprises to restrict access to certain networks and websites on corporate-owned devices.
TESTING IN PROGRESS. Go to test reference.
Network Privacy Defender is designed to help enterprises to restrict access to social networks, private data leaking and malicious websites, make their employees more productive, and their documents and work information safe.
Free download
This app is completely free. We believe that privacy protection must to be free.
Unlike other VPN-based solutions, it does not consume lots of energy. And it's compatible with your corporate VPN!
Only on-device operation, configurable via MDM Managed Configurations or manually via Apple Configurator 2.
Privacy Policy
As all apps in AppStore need to have it, and there is GDPR law Europe. Here is our privacy policy for this app:

  • We don't collect or use any of your data, period.
Privacy must be privacy.
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Available for iOS 11+. Device needs to be supervised by your company for app to work.
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